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Looking for any info or pics on Wop/rear gunner Howard Maiden, my wife's father. Many thanks, David Billings


Hi looking for information on Warrant Officier W.G Lewis (1196423). Can anyone help please.


Hi John: Is there anyone out there who may have any information on AG/Nav/O Sgt Patrick William Swinson, Ansons/Hudsons 38-40?




Do you have any information regarding F W Walker 48154 - 608 sqn D.F.c. I am trying to help his daughter with information etc ....thanks in advance


My cousin Ronald Robert Hewson was in Coastal Command during the 1950's based in Lincolnshire and Northern Ireland,also in America.


Information requested about my father squadron leader ernest john woosley squadron 206 - thank you


Hello, I am looking for some information about my grandfather who flew with coastal command during ww2. His name is James Harrowing. If someone could point me in the direction of where I could find out what squadron he flew with etc I would be eternally greatful. My email is Many thanks in advance.


G`day my name is Lindsay Ackland I am researching John Lindsay Small my grandmothers cousin who she was so close to like a brother to her she still has his war diary he served in 206 for 2 years from 42 until 44 when he was killed apparently she never speaks about him much because they were so close so its hard to ask questions as she says he was her "Favourite person in the world" unfortunately my grandmother is dying of Motor Nurone diesese and is in a home so I am making her a 1:48 scale B24 from 206 Sqn but I am trying to find the exact markings and everythimg so I an complete it any help would be amazing . Reading your site to my 2nd cousin and your grandad most likely served together


For Derek Straw Dear Derek, we were in conact a while back re Sgt Ernest Deverill of 206 Squadron and the squadron records. Re the note on your guest book from Derek Deverill about his uncle I would like to contact him. Would much appreciate it if you have a contact address to which you can forward this message. With thanks and regards, Michael Strutt, Docking Heritage Group


could you please try and email me some info about a chef named Harry Walter Dawson stationed at benbecula during ww2

Iam just wondering if anyone has heard of a cook named Harry Dawson if so please email thank you for your help


So thrilled to see photos of my dear dad Sgt William Clough served under George Cairns. Any chance of copies of relevant photos of my dad. Thanks so much, my sister Jean has been looking for anything about our Dad's wartime service & there he is!


Hello I am sister of Jean Haycock who has commented below. What wonderful pics to see Dad in the RAF. Is there anyway we could have a copy of them 3 that feature him? (Sargent Clough) ?


I am so thrilled to see photos of my Dad Srg Clough in the Azores. Dad passed away in 2007 and I have been researching his war history but have not found out very much so far.


What a GREAT page to the unsung heroes of "The Kipper Fleet"


Hi John, First of all, stunning research - your website is obviously a labour of love and is a fitting tribute to 206 Sqn. My interest is the Battle of Britain & I have been very lucky to have a book published on 303 Sqn. I was linked to your website as I was trying to identify the 206 Sqn Hudson & crew involved in attacking a He59 on 15 August 1940. I knew it was VX-V but nothing else other than suspecting it was T9303 or T9310 from the F541. Your website confirms it as T9303 so I also now know the crew names! I have yet to find their combat report - have you by chance come across it? Again, congrats on your website. Kind regards Richard King


A very nice tribute site chock a block full of good info. Well done! Cheers! Chris


looking for anything on James Bryan Carey, was in 206 possibly around 1952. I have Photos but that is all.


Looking for Blue Cunningham. Ex AEOp/AEO. A former friend and musician from Berlin is trying to contact him. We were all there early 70s before I joined 51 Sqn. If anyone has contact details I will pass them on.


Enjoyed reading your web site. Have just joined the 206 Sqdn Assoc. My father is sitting in the front row in the 1942 photo. He was killed in the 1,000 bomber raid over Germany in 1942.


WW1 photographs, need contact with the association historian. Have a selection to send.


I am researching our village WW2roll of Honour. In particular Sgt George Ellrington 206Sqaudron 627175. I would like to know how he lost his life on 20th December 1940.Can you point me in the right direction please. Christine Elston


I believe Frank Angel to be the younger brother of my name Rose Leonard nee Angel I recognise his photo from one of the few she had of them, nan's sister Edie lived in Staines but died a number of years ago.


A very interesting site John. I am currently researching for a second volume on accidents around the Scottish Isles 1942-43 entitled `Lost to the Isles` One such account shall be on Fortress FL454 that went in the sea soon after take off from Benbecula on 6.10.42. I see in your photos that Sgt Jim Hunt was in your Grandfather`s crew for a while. I`ll send you an e-mail re this. Keep up the good work.


Just to say hullo to John L and the other members I have been in contact with. My nephew is serving with the RAF and tells me that if any one makes a mistake the threat is to be immediately to be posted to Benbecula !! Take care all. John Ferguson

Dear Sir My Grandmother's brother Sgt Leonard Eustace Sawyer was a Navigator in 206 squadron. He was presumed dead on 11th February 1941. If you have information about him. Such aircraft he flew in and possible missions I would love to hear about him. Your faithfully Martin Page


RIP Jim, it was so nice t have met you 2yrs ago in Knutsford with my sister Nuala. I have somelovely photos of thathappy occasion where we learnt a little more of 206 Squadron. No doubt there will be a reunion of u all in your new home above the milky way. God rest you Jim Susan Culligan nee Angel


Very sad to hear that Jim Glazebrook who was the pilot with my Dads (Frank Angel) crew in 206 Squadron during the war years , has died this morning. I was lucky to meet up with Jim 2 years ago in his home town of Knutsford and was able to reminisce with him about his time in 206 Squadron - also hearing some new stories about my Dad. Jim was a soft and gentle man that much I could make out after my brief visit. Just sorry I never got my Dad and Jim together again before my Dad died in 2005. Thanks to John Lowe as it was through him and this website that I made contact with Jim. So best wishes Jim and glad I got to meet you after all these years. Nuala Angel


My late father in law Danny Quinn served in 206 and 547 squadrons and i have the same photograph as displayed top left on your website. The photo is marked 206 squadron but is not dated. I suspect it was taken at St Eval but wondered if you could confirm this and also if you know when it was taken. The photo is not in great condition; is there any way I can get another copy? Regards Andy


Fantastic site John. Well done. My grandfather was Richard (Dick) Field, wireless operator and air gunner. Whilst serving in 206 squadron, he was awarded the DFM for helping repair the wireless radio whilst over the Atlantic. He left the RAF as Flt Lt Field DFM. If anyone had any information or connection, i would be delighted to hear from you. Thanks, Rich


Hi, my grandad who is now 97 was a pilot in costal command he has a few photos of buti dont know much of his time in the raf. His name is gerald (or glen for short) whincop. Please can you help me?


Hi, my Grandfather is Wg Cdr John P Selby. I'm currently looking for more information about his time in the war. If anyone has any information about him I would be very appreciative. Regards Koren


Wow John - this is an awesome site - you have done so much work! Rob is going to have a good look tomorrow! Now I understand the inspiration for Hudson's name! Thanks for the link x


Hi to all my old mates on 206. i now live in Troon with my wife Annis, playing Bridge, golf and Curling. cheers


Hi, My Father was a Canadian Pilot who flew with 206 Squadron from 1943 to the end. He and several other Canadian Pilots were on loan to the RAF. Squadron Leader Laurence Henderson Croft is my Father. He flew B-17's out of Scotland and the Azores. He stayed in the RCAF until he retired in 1969 with the rank of Wing Commander. He will be 93 in July and still has all his faculties although he has slowed down some. We had a chance this past winter to go through a restored and in flying condition B-17 in Mesa AZ USA and I was mightily impressed with what I saw. These guys were all Hero's My Regards Keith

Very nicely done website, great job.


Hi, i have just discovered your website and also that my dad was in 206 squadron from 4/11/1938 until he appeared to be transferred to 243 squadron 11/9/1942. I believe he was an air gunner or navigator but I am struggling to find further details. His name was Vivian Winston Bennett born 16/6/1918 service no 567437. Have you any details/records relating to him. He never talked about the war as we understood he suffered shell shock in North Africa, probably in 1943.


Hello mate, Just thought I'd drop you a line as I came to see how your site is going and the great work you've been doing! I contacted you many years a go when I was setting up my site for 59 Squadron. Great to see that you're still here, some sites have sadly gone... Hope all is well. Kind regards, Lorenzo. Lorenzo.


Hello, I'm trying to trace the events of 23 April 1940 over Andalsnes, Norway which involved a "friendly fire" incident in which a Hudson of 224 Squadron number N7290 was shot down and the pilot was killed. My father was one of the survivors. I have collated quite a bit of information however there is a query regarding the plane Number and Codes It is recorded that it was N7249 but my fathers log says N7290 which it is alleged to have been shot down on 8th November 1939. Any pointers you may have would be of immense interest. Regards Ken Ness


My father, William George Bromley was assigned to coastal command from 1939. I have his RAF paperwork and a number of photos. I have no further information on what his role was and wondered if there was anything you could do to help. His service number was 542577. He spent part of the war in Australia. We believe he was a gunnery sergeant. Many thanks, Caroline


All members of 206 Suadron Association are invited to join RAF St Eval Coastal Command Association at the Batle of Britain Service At St Eval Church 15/09/13


Iam looking for a flt/ sgt gunner on fortress b-17 or mayme b-24 Libs by the name of Mr peter holland bases on RAF wick appox 1944-1945. Thankyou for your help.


Hello My father, Frederick J O'Malley was in 206 Squadron for a time. He died aged 90 on 30th January. I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of him? Thanks Chris


I am researching information re my father FO Robert Weber who was assigned to #1 R&N on april 17, 1945. He had previously been stationed at #2 ANS in Charlottetown. He left the RCAF in August of 1945. I am trying to put together information a) regarding the role and activities of the Coastal Command on PEI. Secondly, I have a note in my father's flight log book referring to the " Ken Gordon episode" on June 14, 1945. I suspect that this is somehow connected to his reason for departure from the service. I have all of his military records and there is reference to some sort of discord with a senior personnel at the time. Maybe a connection or maybe not. Can you assist with any resource materials regarding either or both of the above? Thank you for any assistance possible. Regards, Bob Weber


Hiya, I'm the granddaughter of flight engineer who then became warrant officer Henry McMillan who served in the 206 squadron, I was looking for a reference of the octopus symbol when I came across this website and I'm just in awe of the photos etc being the youngest of our family it's lovely to be able to see pictures from my granddad's youth and time in the RAF.


my dad was stationed in the azores 43/45 flying liberators i think he was a wireless operator does anybody remember him his name was walter foot, was known to his friends as TOD OR TODDY FOOT.


I forgot to say that my father came from Kings Norton, Birmingham and worked at Cadbuys (just seen someone else's post about their father and they mention this) My father too left the RAF after the war to come back to marry my mother and went back to work at Cadbury's) He was one of five brothers and three sisters.


We have a photograph of a flying fortress with crew in front one of whom was my father Harold Jones - I believe his final rank was Warrant Officer and he was the wireless operator. He was posted to Miami, Montreal, the Bahamas and Iceland and trained somewhere in Scotland and was in Coastal command. I would love to find out which Squadron he was in. The photograph is autographed but it is quite difficult to decipher the signatures. My father was hospitilized in Ely at one point with a severe illness ?sinusitis? due to high altitude flying. Hope you can help or anyone who sees this may be able to shed some light. thank you


My father served in 206 squadron. Fl/L Elviss was captain of his crew. His name was Ross King (Australian) and has since passed away. I would be interested in any information of other crew members or anyone who may have known him. Thanks David King


Please advise postal address or phone no to purchase Naught Escapes Us Thanks


Hello. Do you have any references to my Father, Jim Cunningham, who was David Beaty's Flight Engineer please? Also, I was thinking of making models of both the B-17 and B-24 in which my Father flew, but it's knowing which variant to go for, and then the small matter of correct colour scheme and markings! Can you help at all? Thanks, Stu


Is it possible anywhere to see the operation record book for 206 Squadron from January till April 1945. It is very important for me to know the acticities for N/206 which crashed the nigth between 20th and 21st of April in Torstedlund Skov. I am very close to be sure what happened that night, but I still miss a couple of "bricks to the puzzle". The answer is very important for a daughter of gunner Kenneth Emery.


My father, Leonard Bonhomme, was in Sq. 206 -- perhaps during 1940-41. Anyone familiar with him? I have a couple of photos he left me. I'd be happy to post them but I am unsure when or where they were taken. Great website, by the way. Brian.


Is there any record of RAF personnel who served in flying control at St Eval and other stations ? I 'm trying to track my father Flt Lt Keith Jones Any help v welcome David Jones


I have really enjoyed reading through this site. My father Darral Ackerman RNZAF flew with your grandfather on an operational sortie in a Hudson V "U" AM875 on an ASR Sweep 14/6/42. I am going through his logbook and find that he flew with a Len Clark for most of his time on 206 Sqn including the 1000 bomber raid from Donna Nook landing back at Nth Coates. I know this area well having been stationed at DN in the 70's when it was bombing Range. Dad is down as Navigator but I believe they were called Observers and were the Bomb Aimers as also gunners. Names that spring up are Garnham,Jones,McCord,Allison,Lewis and Pollard as crew. Pilots are mainly Clark, Dyer,Roxburgh,Biddell,Owen,Weir,Romanes,Lovett. It is very interesting to see how quickly they went up the promotional ladder. Dad was best man to Clark and Garnham and a few others as I believe he was an excellent after dinner speaker and always good for a laugh!! I have seen photographs of the Azores detachment and the ANZAC celebrations and rugby match. They are in the roof somewhere and I shall look out if you are interested. A book called "Conflict over the Bay" by Norman Franks is very interesting and shows successes. Gives a very desciptive account on U-338 by FA703 "A" in June 1942 where the u-boat was damaged and returned to port. Clark,Ackerman and Garnham are mentioned. Dad has now passed away and never really passed on any of his experiences. There again did we ask. I now live in Northern Ireland which I find amusing especially with his connections at Aldergrove. Whenever I was posted to either Donna Nook or St Mawgan he would mention different places. I noticed that after Canada he came to Squirrlgate and Silloth and in the space of a month was involved in two crashes with the same pilot, one at Portreath and the second(ist flight back) at Silloth. In June 1942 h3 flew his first operational sortie after one Air Test and Compass swing!! they certainly didn't hang about. Having been burnt in the crash at Portreath he met my mother soon after that but that is a different story!! Having spent 22 years in the RAF I know how we cherish our memories and this site certainly does that. Well done


Hi Sue Reilly I am sorry to hear that your Dad passed away recently - I did not reaalise he was still alive.My Dad was Frank Angel and he was Flight Engineer in your Dads crew.There is aphoto of them all in Jim Glazebrooks profile on this site.Sadly my Dad died in 2005.I did not realise any of the crew were still alive until John Lowe told me that Jim Glazebrook is still alive and living outside Manchester. Sadly his wife died a few weeks ago but if at a later date he is able we want to try and go over to visit him.


My father, George William Tombs, was a Flying Officer in 206 Squadron at the beginning of WWII. He then went to 220 Squadron and ended the war in 520 Squadron. Sadly he passed away on Monday 12 March 2012 at the age of 92. He never stopped talking about his flying experiences.


Dear Mr Lowe, I am Vice-Chairman of Brenzett Aeronautical Museum Trust near Lydd in Kent. A co-worker has loaned the Museum his late uncle's F1767 Log Book,Sidecap,Brevet and various photographs to put on display. One photo is identical (Liberator Crew) to one on page four of Joe Doyles service resume. My co-workers uncle is W.O.Peter H.Carey who is identified as 'Dumbo' on page 3 and as having 'died on a raid'? He definately did not! I am in the process of sending a copy of the photo to 'Flypast' magazine having spoken to the editor about putting it in his publication with a view to identifying the rest of the crew although having now visited your website I now know the identities of four of them. I hope this snippet of information is helpful and hope to hear from you in due course, Yours Sincerely Mark Britnell.


My father Joseph Douglas Riley was a Navigator with 206 Squadron during WWII. Sadly he passed away on 1 March 2012.


I have just read my cousins E-mail re 206 sqdn. I certainly remember my uncle Frank Angel talking about Jimmy Glazebrook. There were other names but I cannot remember them - if they were mentioned it would probably jog my memory. Frank used to stay with us when on leave. My parents had some 'photos of Franks crew which are now with cousin Nuala. I always remember the sports jacket that my dad had made up from a length of tweed which Frank brought back from Benbecula instead of a parachute!


Hi Does anyone know if Jim Glazebrook is still alive. If so how would I make contact with him as my dad Frank Angel was in his squadron


Bingo Just discovered my Dads photo in Memoirs re George Ellison My Dad is in the middle on bottom row.I have that actual photo I am really sad that he is not here to see it. I am delighted to get the full list of names as even though i have heard all the names over the years I was not able to match the names and faces


Hi just discovered your web site was excited reading comments. My dad Frank Angel was in 206 squadron -he was a flight engineer and I have one of his log books from May 1944 to Jan 1946.He flew liberators and pilots Glazebrook,Owens,Knight and Lawrence are names in his log book.Sadly dad died in January 2005-he would have loved this web site. I could not pick him out in any photos but I do have all of his photos from that period.


Looking for photos and/or history/more information of my great uncle Sgt Garfield Wilson. He was missing presumed dead in Dec 1942 on John Owens Flying Fortress.


Thankyou for this fantastic website, came here to find out some information on a relative who served with 206 sq. (Flight Sgt George Marshall). Found some usefull information however would welcome anyone getting in touch as we still are unsure how and why his plane went down. Thankyou jamie


I have enjoyed finding out more about 206 Squadron as I am looking for my uncle Derek Teden PO 90486 who died whilst serving with the squadron in 1940


Don Park - killed 28 April 1943, nr Biarritz, France - Lancaster ED 728, 101 Squadron. Crew : Herbert Clegg, Charles Margerum, Raymonde Balfour, J Veldsman, Richard Dixon, Joe Stotter - also buried there is Richard Brown from 207 Squadron. I have recently been to the cemetery and have some photos. Would like to know about Frankie Sweetlove, Bill Johnson, friends of Don.


I notice that there is no mention of op 'Grapple'I flew with a 206 Sqn Mark3 Shack from UK To Christmas Island via Azores,Bermuda,South Carolina,Texas,California and Hawaii.(trip of a lifetime) I have been trying to find the Captains report for the trip. I was involved as ground crew as an inst mech servicing the meteorological equipment. best regards Leslie


Does any one remember my Dad he was a wireless operator and gunner in the 206 squadron coastal command. His name was George Edward Humphries and he was from Birmingham. I think he he flew on hurricans, lancasters etc. He was a non commissioned warrant officer and left the airforce to marry my Mom. He went back to his job at Cadburys after the war. It would be nice to hear from anyone who may have known him. Unfortunately Dad passed away on the 4th October 2009 at the age of 84.


My Dad was a uncommissioned Warrant Officer in the 206 squadron coastal command. He was a wireless operator and gunner. He flew in Lancasters and Hurricans as far as I know.


Air Vice Marshal Desmond Hawkins Rtd is looking for a safe home for an original copy of Costal Command Records War Records. Can you advise please.`


John, Just a quick call to let you know that Jack farley died on 14 May 2011 - not long after the Reunion in Cambridge you will see. I have only just learned of this sad news, and I note that Jack features in your memoirs section. I have just sent condolences to his family, and was moved to re-read his memoirs on the BBC WWII -People's war history pages. A lovely man, whom I shall miss greatly. kind regards - Derek PS You will have seen the latest newsletter sent out? HAppy for it to go on the site.


my grandfather was sgt william jackson coldbeck who served with 206 squadron, i am trying to track down any stories or information from his service, just wondered if you had any further information or know where i may be able to find it. thank you emma


Casualty list: You have R. Ruston, 05/08/1940. Date is correct, name should read Robin Rustom, then you can link CWGC

TO THE HISTORICAL MUSEUM IN STOVRING, DENMARK My father Kenneth Emery was killed in the Liberator N/206 which crashed in Rold Forest on April 21st, 1945 slong with his comrades. If you would like any information and/or photographs of the crew I would be pleased to help. I was only two when he was killed but my mother gave me many photograpshs, and when we visited Denmark in search of the graves in 1981 the local people gave me some small parts of the Liberator.


I served as a navigator in 206 between 1962 and 1964 at RAF St Mawgan


This entry appears on the Ancestry website: NAME: William Bate Rundle BIRTH: 21 Sep 1919 DEATH: Sep 2004 - Exeter, Devon, England


Interesting and well set out site. Well done. Do you happen to have the identitiy and circumstances of the Liberator (I assume) seemingly lost on 14 Sep 1944? I note what looks to be a crew all lost that day on your Roll of Honour.


I am the nephew of Sqn Ldr Cyril Norman Crook killed in action 30 June 1942 and referred to in your Historical Manuscript. He is buried in the Kiel War cemetary which has been visited by my brother. Info about him can be seen on the lewisham Local history website relating to Brockley School. If anyone has info about Cyril or can refer me to any other site or relevant info I would be delighted . Thank you


hi john'just trying to get some info on my grandad's raf service records,he was a rear gunner in the lancester,1939-1945'he was shot down over germany and spent a lot of time in p.o.w. HENRY FRANK TURVEY,would be great if i could find any info'or pic's of his squadron'many thank's


Somewhere I have read that Liberator N/206 started from Leuchars april 20th at 20.11 o'clock. Is it GMT og british douple summertime. Yours Niels Nørgaard Nielsen, Historic museum in Støvring (near where N/206 crashed)


I have photos of my father Sgt Albert Victor Pounder 'Vic' at Jeswang Xmas 41, Freetown uknown & El Obeid, Sudan March 42 Also original Accident report to Aircraft 'Y' AE622 "00 Squadran wich ditched in the saga & all rescued by HMS Vimy Oct 41. If yuo are interested please send me your email for a more detailed list. Regards Ernie


John, I have some magazine photographs that may be of interest, please let me have an email so that I can send them to you? Many thanks Guy


Hi - I am the daughter of Sgt. Joe Peet, 1198656, who was shot down and taken POW around 25 June 1942. Dad never ever spoke about the war so I am so proud to see some information on here about his Squadron and what he was involved in. Sadly he died of cancer / heart disease in December 1985. I have some old photos of him in uniform and the letters sent stating he was missing in action.


Grateful for any information relating to my cousin PO 87392 Anthony Frederick George MIA 13 June 1941 aged 24

Re:My Great-Cousin Flying Officer John Owen(63800).Part of John's training was in Southern Rhodesia 1940/1941.Is there anybody who had a family member or relation who also trained there,and has information about the training schools. David Clarke-Waihi-New Zealand


I would be grateful for any information you may have on my great uncle: Second Lt. Frederick C Taylor, died 22 May 1918 aged 19. Many thanks Richard Wood


Good to see a picture of my Dad in the Leuchars 1945 photo. He's in the front row, the 5th one in from the left - LAC Alfred Pople.


my father william davies was in 111otu. i've just found this site and not sure whether i can find any of his ex colleagues on it

My ntl email is indeed live Dr H.Chadderton. I've sent you an email today. Keep the messages coming all!



I'm currently writing a story based on Coastal Command service on the north-east coast of Scotland. Anyone is invited to get in touch, but I particularly would welcome info on search and rescue operations, searches and flying conditions around Scotland.


Dear Sir You may wish to amend your website with the following correct information Sgt Payze is not death presumed but is buried at Kiel War Cemetery Sgt K.D. Wright is not missing, he is buried at Kiel War Cemetery P/O David Thomas Williams Phillips is not death presumed but is buried at Kiel War Cemetery. The other 2 members of the crew survived and made P.O.W.’s Their aircraft was found after W.W. 2, by the Royal Air Force Missing Research and Enquiry Service in the district of Suderithmarschen near Kiel. Whilst the body of Sgt Payze was identified and has his own grave Messers Wright and Phillips could not be identified to individual and where therefore buried in a joint grave adjoining Sgt Payze. This information comes from my research into Military personal related to Pembrokeshire, some 3,000+ in total covering 1722 to 2006. Rgds Owen Vaughan


I am the great-niece of Douglas Harry Smith, one of crew of 4 lost on 1/7/41 on reconnaissance from St Eval. Have only just come across full account of the run-in with the Heinkel which shot them down. It is amazing to read the account that was backed up by the actual Luftwaffe pilot Wilhelm Schmitter. Finally have all the pieces of the jigsaw so many thanks! Just visited St Eval this weekend and looked around church and saw Doug's name in Book of Remembrance. A wonderful place and tribute to the RAF there. The abandoned airfields are an amazing sight and it was a truly beautiful place to visit. Grateful thanks for the information I can give the family which was always a mystery until now.

Was a nice look back at my Grandfathers(John Rutherford) life. thank you


Looking for any information on the loss of Pilot Officer Selby Roger Henderson DFC and Crew - missing presumed dead, on operations 4th July 1940. Infomation required for surving family member of navigator Sgt 526218 George Goldsmith Any help appreciated Mick Chapman


I am the nephew of Sgt. P. W. Swinson, 206 Squadron (1920 - 1940 (Missing, Death Presumed)). I would like to get in touch with anyone who has pictures of my uncle and his crewmates and meet any of their family members. I'd also like to get an image of the squadron badge. Has anyone considered a reunion of sorts of the families of these amazing men, so stories could be shared?


I am looking for any information on Andrew McNeill Cleland, Died September 28, 1944 and was a member of 206 Sqdn. RCAF. He is picture with L. MacKinnon and J. Nadeau on this site. Any information on his death/background would be much appreaciated. Thank you!


Any information on my father Squadron Leader Ernest John (Slim) Woosley who was with the 206 squadron would be appreciated. I know he was a navigator for a while and flew coastal command. We have many photos of crew members. He was in Australia when war broke out and joined the empire training scheme Australia and went to Canada for training. All log books were lost in a fire. Was mentioned in Despatches along with other awards. Thank you

My Great Great Uncle was Sgt John Wallace 638965. Would be great if anyone knows which crew he flew with ? Or has any other info. Presumed dead 11.02.41. Thanks !


A fitting and permanent tribute to your Grandad and his colleagues,very well researched and presented. Quite addictive, like opening a private time portal. Thank you John.


did u know Lloyd McKinnon


George Arthur Ellison Sgt1894253 was killed in action in the Kattegat on the night of 8th/9th April 1945 as part of F/L Howell crew, having taken off from Leuchars at 8.18pm. His body was recovered from the shore at Marstrand on June 3rd and buried in the local graveyard with full honours from the local Swedish people. He was usually part of Jim Glazebrook's crew. A sterling effort by the 206! Pauline


My father, Roy Winer was a tail gunner with the 206 squadron. He was the only Canadian on his crew and I know that he went on to work with what recorded as the "Special Group". My father has passed away and I am trying to find out anything I can on his crew. I know he had a good australian friend named Brody. Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Jayne


I am currently researching the history of the former B.C.A.T.P. Air Station that was located at Pennfield, NB. I would be interested in getting in touch with Ray Rutherford whose father was stationed there.

. "No trace was ever found of Lieutenant Commander Guilonard's aircraft ". For your info. There is in several Danish archives, records regarding this aircraft, and pictures of the crashsite from 1945.


I knew Kenneth Douglas Wright - his parents lived next door at Bessels Green, Sevenoaks. He was a Sergeant Svce No 909528. I have his Log Book.


Hi , My name is as above . I was born in Galt [ Ontario . My father is Jack Stares , a tank runner durring the ww11 and his father Herbert Stares a king and Queens printer in England .


I'm the grandaughter of Ron Gibson who was a flight engineer with 206 Squadron 1944 /1945. Very interesting to read about the squadron online.


Browsing your site, looking for futher information on the above person as I am one David Brian Gullen, aged 72, born London area and trying to establish any possible links through his son Roger, perhaps you could pass this entry on to Roger Gullen. Many thanks David Gullen


I am researching theRAF career of Sqd. Leader Richard Cecil Patric DFC & Bar AFC who flew with 206 Squadron. Any suggesitions of ref for research and photos of him any information would be grateflly received. Many thanks John Ferguson

hello i was just trying to research my grandad to help with teaching some school children and found this site. my Grandad was in the 206 squadron. Arthur George Mann he trained at Bircham Newton He is mentioned in your awards section as he received a mention in dispatches in 1942.i would be really interested to know whether anyone knew or had heard of him. i am trying to find out more information from my grandmother. really great website thanks from jenny coles (29)


I have - MANY - Stories about my time with 206 Sqdn. - mailme if you want me to add them.


For some time I was Sqdn Historian at St Mawgan & then Kinloss when we flew Mk 3 Shacks. - But lots of 'fun'stories I'd like to add including the problems we had with XF707 & the stripped down Lambretta Motor Scooter we used to take away on detachments. -


Introduced to the site by Malcolm Bass (Reading). Very interesting. I was in the Rhodesian Air Force, post war, and did 28 years. Loved it.


Youe site just gets better, you must be so proud of it Bry


Does anyone have any information on Pilot Officer Errington Rawes (known as Eric) who was shot down during a raid on an oil refinery at Donge near St. Nazaire on 21/12/41? He was my uncle. Thank you. Susan Rudebeck


My father was John Leonard Gullen - reference is made in the Blackwell and Rutherford narratives, pages 26 and 28 together with photos. These show a crew member Rimmer. However to me the photos appear to be of Bill/Len Harvey who was on my father's crew. I haven't heard of a Rimmer. I visited 206 at Boscombe Down yesterday and amongst the paperwork they hold were Instrcutions for various flights of my father including one on 25/12/1943 which is the one referred to in the Blackwell narrative.This shows my father as pilot, McQueen as Navigator, Hill as second pilot and Clemson Harvey Blackwell Kepson and Coombes as crew. I have some additional info but too much for this guestbook but I could email it.

Liberator B 24 GR8 KH410 Hi. I'm investigating the crash of the above plane. It left Leuchar on dec. the 20th 1945 and was shot down in Torsted lund, not far fróm my place. I seek further information about the crew and especially Pilot Officer George Henry Topliff from Australian Air Force. I have found a lot of material, pictures of crash-scene etc. bur need a good photo of the crew on that plane. Kaptain Guilonard was in charge. Who can help me? Regards Jens


Thank you for a really great website, I found it most interesting and loved the photographs... again thank you!


I'm looking for information on James Thomas Farlowe. Service No: 755909, Date of Death: 14/10/1940. He was my uncle who I was named after. Any info would be much appreciated. Kind Regards Jim


My father, William [Bill] Easton from NZ served as an AG and WO in squadron 206 during WW2. He passed away in 1994. I do know he was based at Cranwell for some time which is where he met my mother. I was delighted to find him in a group photo on this website. I have just received his war record from the NZ Defence Force but would be most interested to receive any information about the missions on which he flew during his time with 206 or to hear from anyone who may have known him. My sister has an original squadron ensign and I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction where I can obtain another [or a copy]. This website is a fantastic resource. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Susan Easton


I served as an Airframe mech at RAF Kinloss from 1965-70. Denmobbed in 1970 to return to Australia with my Aussie wife. I have many happy memories of days as a member of 206 Squadron. I also have the saddest memory of the 21/12/67 air crash which took the lives of so many of my comrades. I was part of the recovery detail and also a pall bearer at the subsequent funeral parade. On holiday in Scotland in 1987 I made a special trip to Kinloss to pay my respects to the Aimen Killed on that flight. Best always to 206 and all who serve her. Sincerely Q4279881 J/T Jamieson D


Looking for info. on capt. G. Prinsloo and/or anything about rugby games played during ther war esp. England vs. Allies. Thanks. Great website, enjoyed visiting, keep up the good work.


Back again - and sorry to be a pest! I have a photograph here of a lady called Cherry Travers Towers. Her son was an airman based here during the war - not sure if with 206. He fell in love with a local girl and did not want to leave the island. I understand from my Mum that he lodged with us for a while. She came up here at the ned of the war to take him back home (and succeeded). Sensible perhaps, in that he had no way of supporting himself - let alone anyone else! Do you know of anyone by that name? Mairi


Hi there Not sure if you remember me, but I was in contact with you some time ago. I am involved in a project recording the histories of WW2 experience from a Uist perspective. We've been in the doldrums for a while - but now on the way out! I'm off to the mainland next week for 10 - 14 days. Do you happen to have contact details for any of the guys who flew with 206 and are still with us? I understand there is one in Edinburgh and 1 in Alnwick. I'd love to meet them - and any others who are still around. Also met a merchant navy guy today (young lad at the time) who recalled that there was a pilot who sank a U boat and asked his crew to drop a couple of dingies for survivors. He was out again the following day and they were shot down. They were picked up by a RN vessel. When they got on board the captain said they had German sailors on board who owed their lives to an air crew who dropped 2 dinghies. Any idea who they night have been? Also recalled that a wing commander had gone out and been shot down and that the men joked afterwards that they were glad he was there as they then felt confident they'd come looking for them! Again, would be good to put a name to that story. He was young then, but recalls some of the guys. Don't know if his info would be of interest to you, but I could put you in touch if that was the case. He's not on line but I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you. Look forward to hearing from you again Mairi MacLeod


Thanks John for a very interesting site. My father stewart Howard ended his RAF career with 502 squadron briefly. He was a navigator and had been with 203 614 502 and then 206 squadrons. Iwould be interested in any information about him. I have his log book and other bits and pieces.Best wishes John Howard


A very good site. My father (I.H. "George" Stevenson) was a navigator and captain in 502 squadron. I have his log book and photos and I've always meant to do a site like this. Well done!


Hallo, it's interesting to see your extremely comprehensive site. My father, F/Lt Thomas Waller, flew with 206 Squadron briefly, June 1945 - March 1946, so he will have missed your grandfather. He did some of the ferrying trips to/from Mauripur, based in Oakington and carrying around 26 passengers a time in Liberators. (It's interesting to see that one of the sectors, RAF Lydda to RAF Castel Benito, would be impossible to do now as it is Ben Gurion International in Israel to Tripoli International in Libya!) He left the RAF just before 206 got Yorks, which he told me were too noisy, and helped his mother run a small hotel in (the real city of) York, just as well for my existence as that's where he met his my mother in 1946. Before 206 he'd been with 547 Squadron in Leuchars from October 1944, flying Coastal Command Liberators, and before that he spent two and a half years in Canada, learning to fly, then as an instructor and finally an instructor-instructor. After 5years largely off he got back into the air, first instructing followed a couple of years flying Hermes with Airwork out of Blackbushe, and then 1956-1974 with Kuwait Airways, based most of the time in Beirut, flying DC-3s, Viscounts, Comets and Tridents and retiring on the Boeing 707. Although he was quite a keen photographer, he wasn't keen on taking pictures of planes or RAF bases so I have next to nothing of that (he was into climbing and mountains, so we have loads of pictures of that). Regards, Nick Waller


Hi, My father was in 206 at the time the squadron was posted to the Azores. He was quite glad to have missed the delights of the Outer Hebrides. His full name is Bernard Arthur Allan Coombes but normally went under Allan or Al. He was in a crew that crashed/ditched and was one of 3 survivors that were picked up by a French trawler. Not sure whether this was in a Fortress or Liberator. I believe he made it back to 206 and then relocated to Ireland and then was posted to 160 squadron in Ceylon after he was married in June of 1945. I would love to hear from anyone that knew him. Unfortunately he passed away 11 years ago after losing his battle with cancer. One of his friends "Lofty" Armstrong wrote a wonderful poem as a tribute to their time together in 160 which I read at his memorial service. Best Regards - David Coombes


I have visied your site in search of more information formy uncle about his brother`s death in WW2. I have found Warrant Officer Eric Walker listed on your site assumed dead after not returning from a patrol. He was a wireless operator Rear Gunner. He was lost out of Wick in Scotland. My uncle was only a boy at the time and the family lost touch with Eric`s wife and 2 year old daughter and have never seen them since. I was trying to trace them for my uncle. I was thinking that his wife would receive a pension after Eric`s death and that might be a way of tracing her but I don`t know where I should ask about this. Any ideas? I can also send you a group photo of Eric to add to your 206 squadron collection if you like.


Hi, did 206 ever operate Hudsons in the Med' at all? i've a picture by Michael Turner showing an RAF Hudson over a group of landing craft heading into a very Mediterranean looking beach. The Hudson is wearing the 206 code of VX. Any info' appreciated. Thanx.


Hi I am the project officer for the Uist part of a national project Their Past, Your Future. Our local project is gathering oral histories and photographs of local people and those who were involved with them or the islands during the war. The resources gathered from this as well as the other projects involved in TPYF will form a virtual exhibition on the web next year. Could we possibly look at the possibility of sharing information? Do you think that some of the men who were based in Benbecula would be willing to talk to me and have their stories recorded? I will of course acknowledge source and copyright of any material you are willing to share. Regards Mairi


i was so pleased to find your site - my father Ron Leonard was a navigator in Coastal Command - I still have photograph and his log book


I am writing a book about RAF Detling and would like to hear from anyone recalls 206 Sqdn ever being at the airfield?


To Paul Crawley- I do have info on that accident on 14.9.44 as my Uncle, JF Williams, was on board. I have eye witness accounts and other interesting info.Also have copy of official accident report. Email me and I will send what I have as I researched this myself and have been to the site of the accident at Redstone Quarry and gravesite at Leuchars. very unfortunate accident.

My Uncle, Flight Sergeant Jim Williams from Australia was on board the Liberator that crashed on 14.9.44 at Redstone quarry,Leuchars. Does anyone remember Jim Williams or the accident?


My Father was stationed at Benbecula during WW2..he was a musician and played in many dance bands...I know nothing of what life was like, and wonder if anyone has any information at all regarding the Station...Thank you for a good site...


Terrific site - well done! We should never forget the sacrifices they made for us.


My uncle, John Frederick Bendix (P/O 42737) was stationed with Squadron 206 at St Eval. He went missing in action 1/7/41 while on a crossover patrol and I have the details of aircraft and name of other crew. I am interested in any general or anecdotal information on John Bendix. He has been included incorrectly as JF Beckett in the Roll of Honour on this website. Regards, John Gregory.


Hi, I am in the process of writing a book called "Lest we Forget" about aircrews that lost their live from WW1 to the present day and who are buried in the county of Essex. I am try to trace the following person. Reginald Alfred Alabaster pilot of 206 Sqn and was killed on 14/09/44, the info I would like is the serial No of his Liberator, where he was based, details of the accident and does anyone have a picture of him and would allow me to add it into my book. I await your reply. Regards. Paul Crawley.


Hi, I'm Mark, the middle son of David Harris (XF702). Both Simon (48yrs),David (40yrs)and I visited the site in Aug 2005 for the first time. We did a lot of research and have many letters etc from many involved with XF702 such as groundcrew, locals, search and rescue including the crash report. Would love to hear from any others linked to XF702. Mum is still living happly in Devon. Thanks Mark


Re your request on U-boat U 135 was attacked on the 7th by a Liberator fron 120 sqd, U 609 was attacked on 10th by a Catalina from VP-84. Of the others they were all apparently kept away from convoy HX 127 by a strong air cover. hope this helps. john


Very Interesting web site My late father John T Rutherford flew with 206 squadron from aug 23 1942 until april 27 1943 as a navagator. As a Canadian he then went to 415 squadron Thorney Island .I see some familiar names in his log book to people on this site.Great job and I love the photos of the B-17 Thanks Ray.........


A great website. I run one on RAF Greenham Common, a former USAAF and USAF base in the UK;


Hi, have just really enjoyed reading some of the updates in 'People met on the Way'. Fantastic!


Hello! I am researching a biography of the writer Roald Dahl who was invalided out of 80 Squadron in 1942 (he flew Hurricanes in Greece and Palestine). He then went to work for the Air Ministry in washington, where he was succeeded by W Roxburgh, who is mentioned on your web site. Do you know anything more about him and whether I could fin out if he is still alive? Many thanks. All best wishes, Donald Sturrock


Hi Ken, Have you ever come across my father Squadron Leader Roddy Drummond, DFC. He flew Fortresses out of the Azores. Got DFC after sinking U-boat. Any news wd be wonderful


Hello John I have had a read of the section about Eric & Hamish, it looks great I will load the pages into my lap top and let Eric see them when I get home from holiday I would be interested to learn how you set up your web site as I would like to load up my McIlwrick Bulletins so that any McIlwrick can have a look at them Maurice


Hi John, Thanks so much for putting this info on the net. I like you am trying to gleam and piece together a history in this case of my father William Bate Rundle's antics during his service in 206 squadren. I am not sure if he was in group 15, he most likely was because of the places of tours match what I have. I think he may be in the photo of the group in the outside photo. Is there any way I can purchase one as trying to enlarge on the old PC distaughts. Many thanks Sonia


Very interesting site. Keep up the good work. David Weaver (son of the late Sqdn Ldr Fred Weaver)


I look after the name McIlwrick world wide and came across your reference. My brother Eric served with 206 squadron during the war and is still in touch with his crew who flew B17 from the Azores into Britain. Your story clearly was most interesting to him. Have you other contacts with those who flew during the war?


have picture of hudson victor xray with crew one of whom is p/o m.k.warren. any use for research..


I found an interesting book in my local library entitled-Air Force Records for Family Historians by William Spencer-Public Record Office Readers'Guide No.21.It is certainly ideal for anyone embarking on a research project for the first time.


Do you know if Ronald stares was any relation to the Walter Stares from Romsey in Hampshire.


A great way to remember a brave man


Dear Sir, Many thanks indeed for your kind review of my book 'Dinghy Drop' in your 206 Sqn Assoc newsletter. You may wish to know that my book 'Ours To Hold' a history of RAF Aldergrove in WW2 will be available from Old Forge Publishing in June 2008. 206 Sqn features heavily in the story and many 206 Sqn members contributed to the book with photos and reminiscences. I hope you all enjoy your reunion in April. Yours aye Tom Docherty


Hi there, my father is Joe Doyle. I very much appreciate your including him in people you have met along the way.

Did you ever encounter my father Peter Bennison, who must have trained at much the same time in Derby where he was/due to become a Rolls Royce apprentice? I know he was in the Azores with CC flying Liberators and that he was a navigator. Unfortunately, he was one of the silent ones about his experiences...


Jim Glazebrook a Lib captain of 206 has written a booklet about 206. If you contact me I'll tell you how to get it. He is still alive in Knutsford.


Hi John, Just catching up with your site.I really did appeciate the entry re John in the London Gazette that you emailed to me.More info for my booklet on John's RAF career. Hope everthing is okay with you Regards David-New Zealand


Thank you so much for putting up a page about my grandfather Joe Doyle. Throughout my life he told me so many stories about his flights and nearly getting shot down. I was always so proud to have such a brave grandpa. I always wanted to get some of his stories down on paper to let people know what he did defending his country. thank you


Well what can I say. What a wonderful time I have just had visiting your site. Congratulations John, it's lovely to walk down part of my fathers life & the crew's he flew with. Heather Mullins


John I think this website is amazing. I can't quite believe the amount of information you have put in. It must have taken days and days of work. I found it very moving. Thank you for doing it


Hi John - fascinating website.I will see what info and Pics I can find(can you email me your personal email?).I believe you met my late father - Sometime navigator with your grandad - Ken(with the pipe!)Roberts. Hope to be in touch soon.Keep up the good work. Best Regards Clive Roberts


the site looks great.My uncle sgt E A Deverill flew for a time in hudsons was awarded the DFM before being killed in 97 sqdn pathfinders SQDN LDR on an apauling night in 1943.well done toyou all


Congratulations on a great site John, I think your granddad would have been proud. Your web site also brings a lump to my throat as I see my Dad there. He is on the right in the two photos you have of Ronald Stares, their pilot is W/C Romanes DFC. My Dad was Warrant Officer George William CAIRNS and he was wireless operator/air gunner. In his log book he was WOp/AG on 11.11.42 and the pilot was W/O Bass…… this your grandfather ? They flew a Fortress FL 208 and did sweeps. Dad also flew in the Fortress FA 702 on 19/4/43, 13/5/43, 26/643, 22/7/43, 22/7/43, 2/8/43 10/8/43, and 12/8/43 . Dad also flew with F/O OWEN as a gunner on 28/9/42. The plane was Fortress FK 191 and they flew from Benbecula to Stornaway. Dad flew in Fortress FL 453 on 12/11/42, the same plane John sadly lost his life with 14/12/42. Well done and keep up the good work, its much appreciated. Moira Edge NZ


How can I get word to Derek Straw. We were young officers together at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida in 1974. I would really like to renew contact. Thanks for your help.


Just beginning to research my father's role in the RAF Coastal Command. His name was Robert Donald Costie--RCAF--then on to England and the RAF. Flew Hudsons. I never knew him very well so I have only sketchy information. This is a fine web site, John.


I would like to say that this website is very well put together, extremely interesting and a great read. Happy to link to it on the RAF Association website. Good luck!


A fantastic find and personally very interesting to me as my father F/Lt Lawrence Nelson also served with 206 squadron.Infact he is in the same group photo infront of the Hudson at Aldergrove. He is seated front row 4th from the right. Photo in his album is dated August 1941.I will dig out some more information for you from his log book.Unfortunately my father died in 1999 but I am sure he would have known your granddad Ken, as he was at Aldergrove and Benbecula at the same time. I am very impressed by all the work you have put into your web site. Regards for now Simon


Hi. great website. I think what you have done here is great and it has obviously taken a great deal of time and commitment. I am have just started researching Sqaudron 206 and in particular a Flight Seargent AV Weaver. Alec Weaver served with 206 at RAF Learchens on Liberators during 1945 and it looks as though your Grandfather may well have known him. Any detail you may have would be great. PS. Keep up the good work and excellent website. Regards, John Leese

Late father Frank Sweetlove 206 sqdrn. ditched in Atlantic with Ron Thomson JUNE 1943. 4 days in dinghy - rescued by catalina piloted by Jack Holmes DFC.after sinking U-Boat.


hello. dont know if you can help i am trying to trace my grandfathers war history not much to go on expecpt his name and that he served on coastal command on the sunderlands his name was aruthur stanley rawlings does this ring any bells. love to hear any info you have as my grandfather passed away this week and would like as much info on what you guys had to endure.


Hi John, I am secretary of the 206 Squadron Association which is still very active despite the Squadron's disbandment a year ago. I was most interested to read your opus from both a personal standpoint (I flew in Coastal command and its successor formations for nearly 40 years) and from that of the Association's history. I would like to use extracts from your website in my next Association newsletter to see what memories it sparks, to add a little flavour to my letter, and to give my 'veterans' some fresh news. Would you have any objection to this? Best wishes & nice work, Derek


Hello John: I was very excited to be referred to your web site. Am in the process of writing a book on ths history of the Fortress with RAF Coastal Command and am always looking for new sources of information and sharing what I have with others. I can certainly add some details to what you have posted and would be happy to anwer any specific questions about the Fortress with 206 Squadron if I can. When I have time this week, I will go through the site in detail and pass on any details I can. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for committing your grandfather's records to the Internet. Kind regards: Robert Stitt British Columbia Caada