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206 Squadron: Coastal Command - Museums | John Lowe

(Last updated: 27.11.10)
This section highlights a small sample of the various Air Museums we have at our disposal in the U.K. The details of some of those I've visited are below, click on the images below to go to the associated museum website:


 Davidstow Moor RAF Memorial Museum


 Davidstow Airfield and Cornwall At War Museum

 RAF Museum London


Yorkshire Air Museum

Davidstow Moor Museums: 2010
Davidstow Moor is in Cornwall and in 1942 the airfield was created for use by Coastal Command. It was an RAF base where 206 Squadron were based in March and April 1944.
The airfield is still there along with 2 museums that are situated next to each other.
Davidstow Moor Control Tower and Airfield

Davidstow Moor RAF Memorial Museum

Cornwall At War Museum

Royal Air Force Museum London: 2008



This museum is based down in Hendon, London off Junction 1 of the M1. It has a huge selection of World War II aircraft, especially of interest to anyone with links to Coastal Command. The highlights for me are pictured below as they have links to Ken's aircraft from WWII. The main 4 are there: Anson, Hudson, Liberator and Flying Fortress (albeit an American one opposed to RAF), there is also a Sunderland (you can go inside) Wellington, Mitchell, Oxford and many more.  They also have interactive screens that you can read up on additional information about the aircraft and squadrons, to my surprise the 206 Squadron section had a photograph of Ken's Fortress FA702 'P'.



Hendon                                         Group 11 Operation Room


206 Information                                  Avro Anson W2068

Lockheed Hudson A16-199

Boeing Flying Fortress (B-17) 483868

Consolidated Liberator (B-24) KN751

Sunderland ML824

Yorkshire Air Museum: 2007
The great thing about this museum is that it's an authentic World War II base, on the former Bomber Command Station of RAF Elvington. It manages to maintain the authentic atmosphere of the period with many fascinating exhibits housed in restored wartime buildings such as the Control Tower.
Control Tower

Inside the Control Tower

There's a really good section on the Air Gunners of World War II and they have many original examples of aircraft gun turrets on display, one of which is from a Lockheed Hudson that Ken flew on 246 occasions.
Lockheed Hudson Air Gunner turret