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(Last updated: 06.04.11)
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'Copy of Ken's Logbook' 86 pages covering the whole logbook, contact me




'Morning Grass' by Richard Thomas: Richard appears in 'Memoirs', contact me




 'Towards the Sun' by Richard Thomas: Richard appears in 'Memoirs', contact me





'The Heat of the Day' by Richard Thomas: Richard appears in 'Memoirs', contact me




'A Survivor's Tale' by Ted Nelson: Ted appears in 'Memoirs', sold on Amazon




 'Boeing B-17: In RAF Coastal Command' by Robert Stitt, sold by MMP Books





'Ours to Hold' by T.G.Docherty, sold by Old Forge Publishing




Coastal Command - WWII




- CCMAA: Interesting Coastal Command information & links to other sites

- CWGC: Commonwealth War Graves Commission, hundreds of 206 crews

 - RAF Commands: Details detachments and history of all squadrons

- Unit Histories: Within 'Officers' is a list of RAF/RAF(VR) men, Ken is under 'B'

- U-boat.Net: Fantastic website covering everything you need to know

- U-boat Archive: Great website with hundreds of original photographs

 - All About U-Boats: Does what it says on the tin, mainly WWI coverage

- War Sailors: Comprehensive info on convoys Coastal Command protected

 - Britain at War: Interesting articles especially Issue 4: Benbecula

- RAF Info: Great for researching RAF related associations

- RAFA: Official website of the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA)

- Detailed Medal information

- RAF Comrade: Regain friendships & communicate with serving & ex-personnel








- Davidstow Moor RAF Memorial Museum, 206 Squadron base in 1944

- Davidstow Airfield and Cornwall At War Museum, 206 Squadron base in 1944

- Yorkshire RAF museum, fantastic, well worth a visit

- Hendon has an Anson, Hudson, Fortress, Liberator & more








- Mark Littlejohn: Aviation artist with a wealth of great paintings

- Juanita Franzi: Aviation illustrator




Research: Official Records
RAF Service Records: Write or make a call to the following to obtain a copy of your relatives RAF service record. I found that the next of kin has to submit a form and pay a £30 fee unless the actual Officer or his widow are writing 

Room 221b, Trenchard Hall
RAF Cranwell
Sleaford, Lincs
NG34 8HB
Tel:  01400 268159 
WWII Campaign Medals: Write or make a call to the following to gain information or claim the medals your relative was entitled to. I found that the next of kin has to submit a form to the following address along with some proofs 

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA)
MOD Medal Office
Building 250
RAF Innsworth, Gloucester
Tel:  0141 224 3600 
RAF Operational Records: Write or call the following places to find out more information about official WWII records... 

The National Archives
Tel:  0208 3925330

Air Historical Branch (RAF)
Ministry of Defence
Room G1, Building 266
Royal Air Force Bentley Priory
Stanmore, Middlesex
Tel:  0208 8387483