By John Lowe


206 Squadron: Coastal Command - - 1940 | John Lowe









During 1940 Granddad completed physical training in Torquay on Daddyhole Plain. The photographs below are of him walking in Torquay on the 7th July 1940.
As cadets they had a white piece of cloth in their cap - see below




Ken Bass, Margaret French, Charles Bass (Ken's dad), Eleanor Bass (Ken's mum), Howard Bass (Ken's brother)

Torquay: Daddyhole Plain



Aug 14th - Sept 13th



It was the 7th of August that the logbook has its first entry. It was in a Magister that was piloted by Flight Officer Kirwan. It is during Ken's time in Derby that he learnt to fly doing exercises such as 'Medium Turns' / 'Taxying' / 'Spinning' / 'Taking off into Wind' and 'Forced Landings'.

South Cerney


Sept 14th - Dec 14th



On the 15th Sept he started flying in South Cerney in an Airspeed Oxford piloted by Flight Officer Prince. In South Cerney he completed similar excersices as in Derby but with the addition of 'Night Flying' / 'Navigation' and 'Formation Flying'.
I didn't have any photographs from South Cerney until I visited Ken's brother Howard Bass (my Great Uncle), he kindly let me take a copy, the title of the picture is as follows:
No. 40 Course F.T.S South Cerney (Nov 1940)
Top Row - Ken - 5 from left

Airspeed Oxford