By John Lowe


206 Squadron: Coastal Command - - 1944 | John Lowe

(Last updated: 10.03.10)
No.3 School of General Reconnaissance: Squires Gate
(1st Mar - Dec 31st)
After Lymington Ken went on to Squires Gate and taught navigation in Ansons. Ken and Margaret shared rented accommodation with a Mr. and Mrs. Taylor who lived on a road just outside the Squires Gate airfield. The house next door had a special light to highlight the end of the runway. During this period Margaret recalls visits from some of Ken's 206 crew members, Ken Roberts and his wife as well as Ranald Anderson. One lasting memory was a comment made by Ranald about how lovely it was to eat fresh eggs, unbeknown to him it had been made from powdered egg in a box. The Wing Commander was called Bain, he signed off Ken's summaries in the Log-book for April, May, July and October 1944. For the August summary Wing Commander Billings has signed it off, Ken's log-book tells us he flew with Wing Commander Billings on the 15th of July to and from Speke (Liverpool). Margaret also recalls Ken having to correct trainee navigator notes, one had written 'felt bloody sick' after a particularly rough ride.
The pictures below are from 1988 and in view is the Vickers factory where Wellington Bombers were made.
Squires Gate

Ken and Margaret had their photograph taken together in Blackpool in 1944 and Margaret is wearing the sweetheart badge that Ken gave her in 1940. Ken has been decorated just below his wing.
Blackpool 1944

Blackpool October 2002

Second Wedding Anniversary Card from Margaret to Ken
23rd September 1944